Motivation is what causes us to do what we do each day whether in business or in life. We wake up and take steps forward but the reason behind those steps is quite often different. We are either running away from fear or we are running toward our goals.

In the life cycle of every business leader there are times where we are acting based on fear. Fear of losing a top customer, fear of running out of money, fear of losing a star employee and so forth. This happens and will always happen so we must learn to deal with it when it occurs.

Where it gets dangerous is when we continually act based on fear and that, long term, causes us to make poor choices. We keep customers we shouldn’t have kept, we keep workers we should have removed and overall we make “fear based” decisions that often rob our profits and our health.

I’ll be the first to tell you that this is NOT EASY because we wake up each day and go through the motions of life . . . until fear creeps in and then we react. As humans we are much better at responding to fear because we don’t have to think, we just do! If you were in a burning building you wouldn’t think . . . you would just run to the nearest exit!

If we live life simply to react to fear then we will survive . . . but we will never thrive!

Recall the last 30 days of your life. Think about decisions you made and what was behind those decisions. Did you make “fear based” decisions more than 20% of the time? If so, it’s time to reset your balance and start “running toward” something that is important to you.

To truly thrive as a business leader it is vital that 80% of your time is spent running toward your goals which means you need to know what you are running toward in the first place!

To help you out is a more in depth workbook based on the work of Viktor Frankl and his book “Man’s Search For Meaning.” If you are struggling with what to “run toward” then download this workbook and spend 15 minutes per day on it. I believe it will help you take great steps forward this year!

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