In business we often forget that we are dealing with human beings. Fortunately we are and that means there are specific rules we can follow that will allow us to convince them to give us a chance with a first order or a first appointment.

Anytime we convince someone to follow our lead we are PERSUADING them in some way, shape or form. Don’t you wish you could follow a persuasion "blueprint" that gave you a better chance of success?

Well, now you can!

Here is a short, 10 minute YouTube video that explains the Science of Persuasion and how you can apply it to your business immediately:



The six principles you will learn are:

1. Reciprocity (1:20 mark)

2. Scarcity (3:06 mark)

3. Authority (4:10 mark)

4. Consistency (6:04 mark)

5. Liking (7:40 mark)

6. Consensus (9:05 mark)

Watch this short video and learn to APPLY it to your daily sales routine. It works!