Today I’m going to teach you a way to make every sales minute more valuable. You see, what I’ve discovered over the years is that sales reps often confuse ACTIVITY with VALUE. They assume that because they are ACTIVE they are VALUABLE . . . nothing could be further from the truth!

Ultimately, you are paid based on the VALUE you bring to the business. Yes, this is a result of your activities but remember:

Not All Activities Are Created Equal!

In sales, this means you can make 100 calls to the WRONG audience or ONE call to the RIGHT audience and walk away with the same amount of sales dollars. Which would YOU rather do – work HARD or work SMART? More importantly, if you work hard AND smart you can be a sales "all star" in no time flat!

But how do you work SMART?

The key is to observe your past performance. This means the customers you sold to over the past 12 months. When you do this you will find that as little as 5% of your customers (or customer types) will give you 50% to 60% of your sales dollars. This is a state of nature but it is TRUE and it is your personal map to the gold!

Once you know WHO buys what you offer then do some research to find out how you can find 5 more of them this month. When you call them on the phone or walk in their door you already know what they need because they are almost guaranteed to be EXACTLY like your past 5%. How cool is that?

You can literally "read their minds", only offer them what they are hungry to buy and increase your sales at the same time! Your job this week is to take a deeper look at your past customers (or customer types) and to describe them in as great of detail as you can. This is your new target market and is literally the easiest way to proactively increase sales without a lot of effort!

What’s your 5% that matters most?