This week I was reminded of a basic success principle that is easy to overlook. Said simply:

“Profit is a Process”

What this means is that our actions, done consistently over time leads us to achieve our goals in business and in life. This also means it is not our equipment or our products that are the most important. It’s the PROCESS we use to turn these features into an income producing asset.

So what is YOUR process?

What “plan of attack” do you have in place each day that helps you to take steps towards your goals?

Here’s a quick way to figure out a process that you can start doing to help you maximize the time you spend in your business.

1. Focus on a PRODUCT – The key to creating a great process is to start with a laser focused goal. For example, if your goal is to increase sales by a certain date then pick your most profitable PRODUCT and create a PROCESS around selling that product.

What we typically do is the exact opposite of this. If we want to increase sales we often INCREASE our product offering and use a shotgun approach assuming that more products equal more sales. This scattered approach often results in a scattered customer that typically ends up making no buying choice at all

2. Focus on a NICHE In step #1 we eliminated products and laser focused our offering. In this step we must do the same thing but to our NICHE. This means we must identify the best customer NICHE to offer our product to. Yes, maybe there are myriad niches available but I want you to pick the BEST candidate based on your prior experience in selling your product.

3. Create a “Machine” – With our perfect PRODUCT and our perfect NICHE in mind we must create a “machine” that we will use each day to drive sales. This could be a variety of methods but it should simply be a Step One, Step Two, Step Three type of approach. Like a “machine” there should be very little thinking involved once your process is set up. You just wake up and turn the machine “on” each day.

So there is your challenge. Pick a PRODUCT, pick a NICHE and pick a PROCESS.