Owning your own business is one of the greatest opportunities in the world. However, what I often see over the long term is this:

“The energy that got you INTO your business is the same energy that will divert you from your goals!”

I call this the “shiny object syndrome” and it keeps us perpetually looking for the next “shiny” thing to come by instead of the opportunity in front of us. Specifically, in business it looks like this:

  • Continually changing sales plans
  • Continually looking for the “silver bullet” instead of exhibiting time tested actions (which can often be boring)
  • Trying to find the next piece of equipment instead of making the most of what you have in front of you
  • Moving away from what makes you the most money (which again can be boring) to find a new and untested way to make money

The list can be endless but you get the point. The problem however is that as a business owner YOU are in control of your environment and YOU get to make a choice about what you are going to think about and take action upon each day. If you worked for someone else you wouldn’t have that luxury!

So, here is a three step plan for staying focused and not getting diverted by “shiny” things:

1. Have a goal. I’ve written about this before but make sure it is SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE.

2. Turn that goal into a step by step plan you can do every day. Make that plan EASY so that you won’t quit.

3. Wake up and take action on your plan. Sounds simple but this is the hardest part because nobody can make you do it. It’s up to you!

As you wrap up your week and have a little downtime this weekend think about what “shiny” things divert you from achieving your overall goals. More importantly, make a commitment to come in Monday morning and do something about it!