Positive attitudes are a habit . . . but so are BAD attitudes.

The key to changing these habits is to understand their source and eliminate the issue before it plants roots. This means we have to understand the road map that leads to our habits and ultimately our destiny. Here’s your cheat sheet:

Thoughts turn into . . .

Actions which create . . .

Habits that if unchecked will become our . . .


This means that what we think about (or expose ourselves to) each day will ultimately affect the steps we take, good or bad. So, if we truly want to change habits all we need to change are our thoughts! It sounds simple but it isn’t because we are rarely aware of what we allow in our heads each day.

Your Action Plan This week:

1. Become AWARE of EXTERNAL patterns – What we expose ourselves to each day plants a seed that eventually turns into a forest. This could be radio on the way to work, stories you listen to on the evening news, people you associate with and so on. Write down the EXTERNAL exposures that you need to eliminate.

2. Become AWARE of INTERNAL patterns –You can eliminate your external surroundings but you still have to eliminate your INTERNAL negativity. To do this I want you to get a rubber band and wear it around your wrist for the next 30 days.

Every time you have one of your “BAD” thoughts simply snap the rubber band on your wrist. It’s a simple way to make you aware of how you think – and it works!

Awareness is step one of this three part series. Start with the action plan now and we will build upon it in the coming posts.