Todd Nuckols has spent a lifetime in business in every way, shape and form. Growing up in a family business requires you to learn every aspect of running a business from getting work out to customer interaction to sales and marketing. These are lessons that can’t be purchased but can only be experienced.

After receiving his Master’s Degree from West Virginia University Todd joined a business management consulting firm in 2000. Todd later became President of the international franchise that was created as an outgrowth of the consulting work.

Speaker, Teacher, Coach, Author . . .

149252_161354700571101_746524_n Since 1997 Todd has been speaking to audiences of students and business professionals throughout North America. He has written myriad courses focused on Professional Development, Sales & Marketing and Future Trend Planning. He has logged over 1,500 hours of live and web based presentations from audiences as small as one business owner to as large as several hundred attendees.

Todd has personally visited over 500 small businesses in the United States and Canada and interviewed 5,000+ workers. He is sought out as a teacher and advisor on all facets of business. He focuses his time on the items that all business owners struggle with which are:

  1. Professional Development (i.e. how do I become a better leader?)

  2. Sales / Marketing (i.e. how do I grow in today’s hectic environment?)

  3. Future Trend Decisions (i.e how do I survive and thrive in my specific situation?)

If you are a business owner and are struggling to get to the "next level" then contact Todd by clicking HERE to receive a no cost or obligation business assessment.


To understand Todd’s concepts you can view them all in his latest book, The 80/20 Business which can be found on or by clicking HERE.